Meet the Team

Meet the Team - The Skate Club Founder, Jack Francis

I’m Jack! I’m a skateboarder, youth worker, author and founder of The Skate Club.

I first started skating on the wooden ramps of the old Level Skatepark and Da Roof Skatepark which now goes by the name of BYC Skatepark, where I also work.

I’ve been teaching people of all ages in various capacities since 2010 but six years ago I started teaching skateboarding and that’s when I realised that this is what I want to do!

I started The Skate Club shortly after the release of my book “How to Train Your Skateboard” and I’m so incredibly happy with the little community we’ve built here!

FUN FACT: I’m fluent in Spanish and have lived in Spain, Colombia and Macedonia.

Hi, my name is Blayne. I am a passionate Skateboard Instructor born in South Africa now living in Hove.

I love making a difference in my role by being friendly, approachable, caring as well as understanding and validating emotions such as fear while finding a way to move everyone forward.

I’ve worked in other activities such as Watersports and Snow-sports over the years while having caring roles.

I enjoy being active in my personal life enjoying a very wide variety of activities such as skateboarding, exercising, video games, crafts and spending quality time with the people in my life.

FUN FACT: I recently won first place in the best trick event at a fingerboarding competition in London

Meet the Team - One of The Skate Club's Instructors, Blayne
Meet the Team - The Skate Club's Business Manager, Brittany

Brittany is The Skate Club’s business manager, and helps Jack keep the wheels turning and The Skate Club moving! Brittany loves to think big, and problem solve and we are so pleased to be working with her.

Brittany has travelled the world surfing, skating and snowboarding, and is thrilled her kids are finally big enough to join in too.

Brittany enrolled her two boys (5 and 7) in the beginner group back in November, and they are now total grommets who are forever begging to head to the skate park.

FUN FACT: Brittany is originally from California, and grew up surfing and skateboarding in Venice beach

Louise is The Skate Club’s marketing and operations manager extraordinaire.

Louise’s favourite phrase is ‘All done, what’s next?’ and she smashes out TDLs faster than you can say “to-do-list”.

Louise works virtually from home so she can be surrounded by nature and stay close to her puppy dogs.

FUN FACT: Louise is currently working on her own high-fashion clothing brand.

Meet the Team - The Skate Club's Marketing & Operations manager, Louise Salter